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Information About Seks

About Seks and Seks Information

This website has all the information you need to know about Seks.


Maybe you have come to this site by misspelling sex, maybe you wanted to know what seks means, or maybe you ment to spell sex "seks" and was wondering what would come up in googles search. Either way, you've arrived here out of curiosity, you will find all the information and answers that you seek about seks on this one website. You don't need to look any futher!


About Seks


"I'm here to teach you all about the hot topic SEX"

(or as I like to spell it "seks")

Simply browse our links in the shortcut navigation bar on the left to find what your curious big brain seeks and wants to absorb. Alternatively, because you are so eager and naturally driven to "get into it" go here if you want to learn how to seks, which means "how to have sex" - in normal english.

About Seks

Seks means Sex, it is a term used to by pass censor filters. Seks or Sex is the ritual of procreation, the making of life. Seks, basically is a word that describes the physical act of mating between two humans (or any female and male gendered organism) which causes the female human to become pregnant and produce a baby. This is how human life is created. Any organism that has a male and female gender can have seks, but I will just talk in terms of seks between humans as it is relevant to your interests. Now, the act of mating is the interesting part, you may be asking "so what exactly is the act of mating and how does it make a baby"?


Let me explain...

The Act of Mating, Sex.

Information About SeksOk, well... The act of mating, which is known as the term sex or seks. Is when a male and female human get intimate. First off, they must lust eachother, they must want to mate with eachother, generally they find eachother attractive, enough that they want to mate with eachother. What happens is, they find a nice private place they can have seks, when they do, they begin to arouse eachother by kissing and touching eachother. I wont go into detail about seks here because I have written a full guide about it here: how to have seks