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Seks History

History of SeksThe History of Seks

The well known fact about how the word seks came into existance, originated from the name of the ancient god of desire, "Mc Lovin". The name Mc Lovin means "sex or seks" in ancient greek, it has been translated from ancient greek to english to make the word "seks or sex".


The story comes from an ancient greek legend: The Super Bad, Greek God of Desire: Mc Lovin.

He apparently lost his virginity to 1000 virgins and pleasured them all at once till the point of awe with a single sentance from his divine voice, the sentance was "I AM Mc Lovin".


Actually that is not really true, completely fiction, totally made up. The word seks doesn't have a known history, it just appeared much like every other word on the internet. Probably invented by some random internet user who was creative enough to come up with the word seks.


The word sex is considered an offensive term so it is often filtered or censored by many internet games, forums and blogs. So the term seks was born! Seks can be used to by pass censors and filters creatively. It is also used to give the impression of being dumb, as an example: "Seks me plz?!?" which translates into "Hello, can I please have sex with you?".


But, the history of the word seks in online text messeges is a infamous one, as people try to by pass swear filters on online games, the admins of that game or other users can get quite offended, as you are saying the same word sex just in a different way and intentionally saying it to by pass the filters, this often results in a semi-permenant ban. Many users have been banned due to by passing filters in history and history usually repeats itself, so make sure not to follow in their foot steps!